Balancing life as a mother, a wife, and a professional MMA fighter competing in the UFC is no easy feat - but when you're Michelle "The Karate Hottie" Waterson, you make it work. Now streaming. Watch the feature-length documentary at 


FIGHTMOM : An UNINTERRUPTED Original.  Balancing life as a mother, a wife, and a professional MMA fighter competing in the UFC is no easy feat — but when you’re Michelle Waterson, you make it work.

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Michelle Waterson :"This project has been over two years in the making!!!! I just wanted to thank everybody who helped make this happen from @seanmenard@uninterrupted @ufc @invictafc everyone who contributed to our Kickstarter and everyone who continued to believe, even with all the setbacks!!! My story is your story because the theme of struggle and overcoming obstacles is present in all our lives".


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A lot of insiders and experts don't believe the recent hype that's pitting one of the biggest heavyweights in boxing against a top player in MMA, per an article from the The Sun. Still, that's stopping neither Floyd Mayweather nor Conor McGregor from fanning the flames of a rumored match that could break the internet.

Mayweather vs McGregor

Conor McGregor shares poster for rumored Floyd Mayweather megafight

Conor McGregor was linked to a potential cross-sport summer showdown with retired boxing legend Floyd Mayweather last week, but UFC president Dana White quickly shot down the tabloid report. McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh, meanwhile, fueled speculation with a joke on Twitter

McGregor has previously said he’d be open to fighting the undefeated 39-year-old boxer, and it’s easy to see why. A Mayweather-McGregor bout would destroy every single pay per view record, and two men who are very focused on making money would walk away with gigantic checks.

McGregor took things a step further Sunday, posting a Mayweather-McGregor fight poster on his Twitter page.


Ronda Rousey: Captain Marvel

Marvel’s first female superhero movie, Captain Marvel, doesn’t hit theaters until 2018. But MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, who not only packs a mean punch but is making a foray into the acting world, has put herself forward for the role in a recent Reddit AMARousey seems to be excited by the prospect. After the Reddit AMA, people sent her fan art of what she might look like as the superhero. She shared them on Instagram writing, “There were so many cool ones I couldn’t pick just one to share.”