Mason's Heroes


Mason’s Heroes : @masonsheroes

I’m so excited to share this project with everyone. 
As most of you know my son Mason was diagnosed with a brain tumor this past year. He has been the toughest little guy through this whole journey of his. His recent MRI scans shown no mass/tumor growth. 

As a thank you I photographed my son as Superman and gave a print during our support group to Mason’s Dr who removed the tumor. 

At the support group I met a few other kids going through their own journey. Listening to each of their story’s I thought to myself “these kids are all superheroes“. I want to give back in some way so I am going to photographed each kid as their favorite super hero or character. 

Each kid has a unique story to tell and I think this will help other parents going through the same thing to be educated about tumors and share each other’s experience. 

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