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MASON’S HEROES: Gavin Bullington

Diagnosed at : 6 Years

Brain Tumor: Pilocytic Astrocytoma of Cerebellum

In Recovery / Full recovery

Age when Photographed : 7 Years

Gavin’s favorite superhero is Batman. The Image below is a behind the scenes of the Batman Photoshoot with Gavin’s parents behind me. I made two prints for the family one with the mask on for Gavin and the other with the mask off for the family.


Diagnosed at : 6 months

Brain Tumor: Choroid Plexus Papilloma

Survivor/ in Recovery

Age when Photographed : 1 year 4 months.


Mason Murillo is my son. After his doctor was able to remove the brain tumor, As a thank you I photographed my son as superman. I printed the post surgery photograph and gave it to his doctor at our parent support group. She loved it. That sparked the idea of photographing other kids as their favorite character in full costume and that’s how Mason’s Heroes was created.