I had the privilege of Editing and Retouching this shoe. This was not for an official NIKE : Be Like Mike Collection advertisement. It was created to build our portfolios. Thank you to the team Adam and Melissa for letting me part of this project .

Original Image:

Photographer: Adam Nagy | Stylist: Melissa Garcia | Retoucher: Alex Murillo


Extracted Subject from Background- Image Properties owned by Brixton.

Original Photograph. Un-Edited. Image Properties owned by Brixton.

Male Model was retouched in a smart object layer. Then a clipping mask was added to the subject layer. A combination of creating a work path with the pen tool & quick selection with refine edge was used to create the mask. Below was a color fill layer with properties of #ffffff for pure white but as you can see by the screen shot below it can be easily changed if the client ever wants to change the background color. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 9.04.21 PM.png


Multiple paths created example.

Highlights and shadows folder created with multiple color fill layers.

Product Lamps were retouched and multiple paths were created to achieve a proper mask for each product. Three paths were created for this example : Inner path, Sharp outer path and feather/ soft outer path. 

HUGO BOSS - Retouching for NORDSTROM rack.

Retouched on the image :  Dust & lint. Removal of yellow tint on the silver watches. Removal of unwanted reflections by painting the values in and adding texts to mimic the surface of the wrist band. Corrected the levels on the face* surface, so they displayed properly on the website.

AFFLICTION - Retouching for NORDSTROM rack.

Retouched on the image : Dust & lint from the pants. removal of big white scratches from box. Smooth and remove blemishes from models skin. Remove reflections from sunglasses. Match the the skin tones of the arms & hands to the models face. Add more saturation to the skin and overall image. 


LORAC PRO - Retouching for NORDSTROM rack.

Retouched on the image : Dust & lint from product. Make the background pure 255* white. Remove yellow tint from shadows. Create sharp / straight reflections behind the LORAC PRO * Logo. 

HEADSHOTS - Skin retouching

Retouched on the image : Fly-aways on hair. Removal of blemishes and hard shadows. Overall skin smoothening. Even skin tones so their is no hard highlights. Lighten eyes and nose highlight. Remove creases from the sides of the mouth. Sharpen details around the eyes.